Service Projects

Service Activities

As a Club, we can report service activities that members perform in the community as food bank work, hospital support volunteer work, women's advocacy activities or similar volunteer work, as long as the Club agrees that the activity supports Zonta goals and objectives.  If you participate in service activities that you would like the Club to consider for approval, complete the requested form (attached) and mail, email, fax to a board member (see Contacts page).  Please complete a separate form for each organization or activity.  Click here for form.

Disbursement of Service Funds

Disbursement of Service FundsWe have generated service funds in our treasury, for which we need to discuss allocation or disbursement.  The recommendation from the Board is that we identify organizations in Morris County that:  1) support women and women's issues, 2) do not otherwise receive significant corporate funding or independent funding, 2) are preferably not for profit, and 4) may be struggling smaller organizations for whom support from Zonta will be more noticeable.  The Board needs organizations like this to be identified, and suggestions as to how we may support them.  Worthy organizations may or may not be those we have supported in the past.  Please bring your suggestions forward as soon as possible.